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Violet my little Pet cute game for girls

Have fun with Violet

and her lovely pet!

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Lily's Street Food

     A NEW FREE COOKING game and CHEF game! TAP👆🏻, COOK 🥣 and SERVE🌭.
COOK and SERVE amazing dishes that YOU prepare in your OWN restaurant. DECORATE the truck and the surrounding area as you please.
    Come along and help Chef Lily open the restaurant of her dreams. The Game has many levels and daily rewards. Tune in everyday to win AMAZING PRIZES.

Lily Cooking

Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Dragon Wonderland and discover 4 mysterious and enchanting types of creatures that will instantly steal your heart. Be a part of their journey and help them in their mission to defeat their relentless enemies and protect their beloved land.


You will discover numerous dragons, each possessing an enchanting uniqueness. Four classes, three stages of evolution, one goal: protecting the egg. Protecting it means preserving their land and fighting for a brighter future, one free from the evil clasp of their enemies.

Dragon Wonderland

Violet - My little Pet


A new and exciting game awaits you. Start by waking Violet up and brushing her teeth. Wash her face after you apply soap all over it and dry it up by using the pink towel tool. Fill the bathtub with water and help her take a bath. Apply shampoo and scrub her head by rubbing in circular motions. When this is done, make sure to rinse all the bubbles off. Now that she is clean you should move on to the kitchen. Give her something to eat and drink and don’t forget to feed the cat  because it is her trustworthy companion. You should go to the bedroom now. Press on the phone icon that is located on the top-right center of the screen to discover some more amazing features of this game.

Violet My little Pet

Unicornlandia - Merge TD


Unicornilandia is in danger. The crazy monsters and their bosses attack anyone in sight and only you can save them. Place your unicorns on the fourteen fluffy clouds we designed and make sure your kingdom is safe from any harm. At the beginning of the game, you will be given level 1 unicorns. Merge same-level unicorns to level up. They can be bought from the store. At the end of each level and after defeating the boss you will be rewarded with coins. The coins will be accumulating even when you’re offline and they will be waiting to be collected anytime. There are a lot of exciting quests waiting to be completed.

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